Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

For an ultimate birthday party experience that becomes the most memorable part of your life, join your forces with us. We start from offering you extravagant lavish birthday parties till the simple adorable birthday set-ups for yourself or your loved ones.
Even getting started on planning a birthday can lead you towards anxiety and tons of stuff to do because of which the person who plans it and the person who helps, both are unable to enjoy it to the fullest. To take care of that horrendous problem, we offer you our birthday event arrangements.

Party themes

We have a wide range of birthday party themes for kids as well as adults. You can choose from our classic themes to custom made modern themes, we guarantee to deliver them perfectly within no time. Here are a few of our favorite theme set-ups for your kid’s birthday party:

  • Princess & Fairies Themes
  • Frozen Theme
  • Tea Party Theme
  • Super Hero Theme
  • Movie Based Themes
  • Cartoon Based Themes

We also have great themes in store for adults too.

  • Dress Up Themes
  • Movie or Character Based Themes
  • Your Favorite TV Show Theme
  • Vintage Themes
  • Disco Party Theme
  • Romantic Themes

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Goodie Bags & Decor

We provide you with your custom made goodie bags including your favorite delicacies and things. We also help you with customized birthday invitations, birthday hats, handmade custom décor, theme based props, photo booths, floral decoration, seating set-ups, luxury chandeliers, flying lanterns, party popper and much more.

Cakes & Food

Our commercial kitchen takes care of the food according to your taste buds. We are experts at providing you with delicious and appetizing custom made signature cakes and cupcakes for your big day and fancy looking food that matches to the theme of your choice. We are equipped with trained bartenders and chefs to deliver the best tasting food and drinks in the country.

Apart from all these things you can choose to hire clowns and other favorite roll playing characters for your birthday parties with us. We also arrange birthday games and activities that will keep your guests entertained throughout. Our specialty is providing you with celebrity guest appearances for your events to make them look even more extravagant and special.

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